Community members in Labwe village gather for "community dialogue" on adolescent pregnancy ©UNFPAZambia
As the clock strikes 10am, villagers gather beneath the sprawling shade of a massive tree adjacent a football ground in the vibrant village of Labwe, nestled within Chieftainess Mwasemphangwe’s Chiefdom, in Lumezi District of Eastern Province. Here, they wait in anticipation as the village drama group prepares to showcase its latest theatrical production, a cherished tradition that has captivated the community.
Pharmacist Cristina administers medication at a mobile brigade in Cabo Delgado, Mozambique.
The young girls and boys raised their arms and stomped their feet during the opening of the 22nd International Conference on AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections (ICASA), their energy and hope blending with reflection and determination. As a Zimbabwean who witnessed the scourge brought about by AIDS on families, communities, and countries, I am humbled by the strides we have made.
As the countdown to 2030 ticks closer, Africa has reaffirmed that the ICPD Programme of Action remains relevant for Africa and i
As the sun set over Lusaka, Zambia on 10 November, a vibrant discussion by the Ministers in Charge of Population drew to a close, following two days of receiving reports from the African Population Experts Committee, writes Diene Keita, UNFPA Deputy Executive Director, Programme.

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