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On 19th September, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Child Development launched a twelve day training on the Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) curriculum for out of school youth in Zambia.

The training is aimed at developing the capacity of sexuality education trainers to train other educators in CSE for out of school young people in Zambia using the curricullum. The curriculum has been adapted for Zambia to ensure comprehensive, effective, accurate and quality CSE is provided to young people who are not in school.

In Zambia, many young people are currently out of school and do not have access to in-school CSE. They are at great risk of not accessing rights-based information and services which in turn have significant impacts on their transition into adulthood. They are often excluded from social and health interventions that are delivered within the formal education system and they do not have access to accurate information about their sexual and reproductive health. This lack of information leads to risky sexual behavior which in turn results in STI infections including HIV, teenage pregnancy and child marriage. Young people out of school are harder to reach and require extra effort. The out of school CSE framework will complement the in-school CSE curriculum and by so doing support a holistic approach of ensuring consistency of rights-based and gender-sensitive information provided to all young people.

Speaking at the launch, UNFPA Country Representative, Dr. Mary Otieno highlighted that “The right to education and information is grounded in fundamental human rights, a right which can only be fulfilled if Government and its Partners provide the enabling policy environment and socio-opportunities required for adolescents and young people to develop into healthy, educated and productive adults.”

Also speaking during the launch, representative from the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Child Development, Mr. Muma Kennedy Mukupa added that “The out of school CSE curriculum will fulfil and enhance the sexual and reproductive health and rights of young people. It will provide a unique opportunity and entry point for addressing current and emerging sexual and reproductive health issues and improving the health and quality of life for out of school young people.” He said.