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14 December 2017

Government, Ecobank, UNFPA Collaborate to #InvestInGirls

"I want to become a neurosurgeon, specialized in the nervous system. I have been inspired by Ben Carson...and the fact that it really hurts me to see a lot of people die from complications related to the nervous system because we have a limited number of neurosurgeons in Zambia" says 16 year old Anna Nakanyika, a grade 11

11 December 2017

Uphold the Right to Health for All to End AIDS by 2030

  Statement of UNFPA Executive Director for World AIDS Day 2017   One new HIV infection is one too many – and in 2016 there were 1.8 million. In adopting the Sustainable Development Goals, the international community committed to ending AIDS by 2030. This will only be achieved by ensuring everyone’s right to health. This right

10 December 2017

OPINION: Our children, daughters, nieces, sisters, aunties, mothers and grandmothers deserve to live in peace and dignity

In Zambia, the problem of violence not only against women and children, but men and boys is worrisome and no longer an isolated problem, but a widespread, harrowing, tragic and daily affair that can no longer be ignored as it touches and impacts every Zambian in one way or the other. One only has to pick a daily newspaper to

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